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Founder G Rajamanickam 50 years Experience In Paddy Varities.  After 1996 In  Mecheri G.Rajamanickam Rice Store Established Started a Small Level Rice wholesale  Distributors & Developed it to a Great Efforts with Combined Of His Sons R.Shanmugha Sundaram & R.Mohan Prabu. Proud To Say We are The Leading Wholesale & Retailer Premium Quality Rice Products In Mecheri, Salem TamilNadu. Our Products Sold To Our Customers With Great Satisfaction.

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G Rajamanickam Rice Store Mecheri in Salem

G Rajamanickam Rice Store in Mecheri (Salem District) is a Professional Rice WholeSale & Retail Business In Rice, Dals, Cooking Oils Platform. Here we will provide you only Premium Quality Rice Varities , which you will like very much. We're dedicated to providing you the best of Rice Varities, with a focus on dependability and Quality Rice, Dal, Cooking Oil & Sugar. We're working to turn our passion for Wholesale Rice Varities into a booming online website. We hope you Purchase our Rice Products In G.Rajamanickam Rice Store as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Our kichadi Rice Products

G Rajamanickam Rice Store. Best Quality & Famous Rice in Mecheri

1. Geethanjali Khichdi Rice

2. Sinthu Khichdi Rice

3. Super Padayappa Khichdi Rice

4. Green Leaf Khichdi Rice

5. Kaalai Khichdi Rice

6. Madhuraa Khichdi Rice

7. Mudhalvan Gopuram Khichdi Rice

8. Kutty Mayil Khichdi Rice

9. KK Chettinad kichadi rice

10. SS Gopuram kichadi rice

11. Nandhini kichadi rice

12. Sunflower kichadi rice

13. VeluNachiyar kichadi rice

12. Sunflower kichadi rice & Many More Varities in kichadi rices

Our Rajabhogam Bpt Rice Products

1. Rettai killi Rajabhogam Bpt Rice

2. Sivasakthi Rajabhogam Bpt Rice

3. Rettai Kuruvi Rajabhogam Bpt Rice

4. SS Gopuram Rajabhogam Bpt Rice

5. Amman Gopuram Rajabhogam Bpt Rice & Many More Varities in Rajabhogam Bpt Rices

Our Adt45 & Deluxe Rice Products

1. Don Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

2. SSBrand Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

3. Krishna Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

4. Blue Star Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

5. MahaLakshmi Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

6. Rajagopuram Adt45 & Deluxe Rice

8. Sri Thangagopuram Adt45, Deluxe Rice & Many More Varities in Adt45 & Deluxe Rices

Our Idly Rice Products

1. Rettai Killi Idly Rice

2. Yannai (Elephant Brand) Idly Rice

3. SS Idly Rice

4. O2 Idly Rice

5. Orange Idly Rice

6. Nirmalaya Idly Rice & Many More Varities in Idly Rices

Our Idisal Rice Products

1. Roja Idisal Rice

2. Sri Madhuraa Idisal Rice

3. SS Idisal Rice

4. Mahagopuram Idisal Rice

5. Nandhi idisal Rice & Many More Varities in Idisal Rices

Our Idly Idisal Rice Products

1. Rettai Killi Idly Idisal Rice

2. Love Birds Idly Idisal Rice

3. Orange Idly Idisal Rice

4. Mahasri Idly Idisal Rice & Many More Varities in Idly Idisal Rices

For Orders Call Us 24/7

R.Shanmugha Sundharam - 99420 77100

R.Mohan Prabu - 99423 12939

G.Rajamanickam Rice Store - Mecheri Official Office No : 99655 42332

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